***Deadline has been extended until November 30th, 2019!***

  • This year we are accepting manuscripts of poetry from the following states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. (If your state isn't on this list, check back at the end of this submission period to see which 5 states we add next!)
  • Floating Bridge Press reads manuscripts of poetry for the Evergreen Award Tour from April 1st to October 31st (midnight PST).
  • We read and judge all submissions anonymously, so please do not to include your name or any identifying information in your manuscript. Make sure to complete all contact information on Submittable (it is hidden from our readers).
  • Manuscripts should be 48-80 pages of poetry, typed in a no less than 12 point font, paginated, and include a title page and table of contents.
  • Cover letters are optional and do not influence our reading.
  • At this time we do not accept translations or self-published books. Collaborations are okay, but only one prize is given, to be split between co-authors.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please notify us immediately if the manuscript finds another home.
  • Please do not include artwork in your manuscript, this includes photography.
  • You may submit multiple manuscripts but each submission requires the entry fee.
  • Your work will be disqualified if your name or contact info appears on the manuscript.
  • Submitters will be notified by email only. We are unable to offer editorial feedback to submitters.
  • The entry fee is $25, however, if this is prohibitive to you, please email us at editor@floatingbridgepress.org and we will make sure you are able to submit.
  • For more information visit: http://www.floatingbridgepress.org/submit/fbp-evergreen-award-tour/

2019 E.A.T Map 

Floating Bridge Press reads manuscripts for our Chapbook Competition from November 1st to March 15th.  Here are a few guidelines to make your job (and let's be honest, our job) a little easier:

-We read and judge all submissions completely anonymously, so please make sure not to include your name or any identifying information in your manuscript.  We also don't need a bio or acknowledgements of publication with your submission, so save yourself some time and leave them off this submission.

-We accept manuscripts from Washington State (USA) residents only.

-Simultaneous submissions are cool with us, but please withdraw your manuscript should it find a home elsewhere (we will celebrate with you)! Individual poems may have been previously published.

-We accept chapbook manuscripts of 20-30 pages of poetry.

Please include a title page (make sure to leave your name off of this) and a paginated table of contents.  The editors prefer 12 point font, if you are interested in making us smile.

-File formats we accept are: text files (.txt), Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx), and Adobe PDF files (.pdf). Name your file with the first few words of your manuscript’s title.

-Our reading fee is $13.00 and includes a copy of the winning chapbook.

We look forward to reading your work! Every poem will be considered for inclusion in our sister publication Pontoon Poetry and for the Paula Jones Gardiner Memorial Award.

Thanks for trusting us with your work!

-The Editors

Floating Bridge Press